What makes us special

The managing director Gobind Paul Singh has more than 13 years of experience in India in the tourism business. He has worked as a tour guide for English, Spanish and Portuguese languages for many years and knows in depth the needs and expectations of a person who travels. Having travelled all over India and many other countries around the world as a tourist and a traveller, he understands the mind-set of a person who wants to travel. And being a trained yoga professor, he knows that the logic is not always the answer to everything. Whereas Harry Chauhan, based in Toronto, Canada understands more in depth the mindset and requirements of a western traveller. They both have the same basic goal       to deliver the most wonderful experience to a traveller and cater to all the needs a person has in mind while travelling. Hence we have put together a team which focusses on the details, be they big or small, to make your journey a trip for the senses.

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